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about twoshots

You may know Greg by his alias EyeCandy: the tabletop, technique-enthusiast maniac director and DP.
Mattia Lunardi is a strong storytelling director with solid experience in comedy and lifestyle films.

They’re Italian and they’re Milan (AKA worldwide) based. 
And you may think "Greg does the tabletop and Mattia takes care of the live action".
But after years of solo activity, they decided to get together to experiment and find new solutions and bring their new vision to life: a perfect integration of tabletop and live action to reach a result which is not the simple juxtaposition of two parts, but a coherent whole.

The difference lies in their approach, as they both shoot everything, each taking a look at the other's world and blending in his vision. To them, live action and tabletop talk the same language. They bring together different skills that cover all the elements, integrating them into an organic flow, mirroring the needs of a society where all the contents mix.

They don't like to take themselves too seriously, but they put their soul and expertise into every project they undertake!