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about tessa doniga johnson

Tessa Dóniga born in Malaga, she grew up facing the sea and surrounded by southern light.

She studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and completed her education with a Master's Degree in Strategy and Visual Communication.

Her work exists between the audiovisual field, live action, advertising and photography. It unites the aesthetics of a world that craves beautiful images with its constant need to escape from the underworld.

Generating conceptual and metaphorical content, for brands such as Repsol, Ikea, BBVA & Jean Paul Gaultier, she is obsessed with table top and surreal universes!

She plays with our appetite for games and composes live and peculiar still lifes. Composition, color, slow motion: her work is entirely orchestrated to catch our hungry gaze.

Obsessed with detail, Tessa helps transform concepts into visual communication through videos and photography, always in search of a touch of particularity.

Her work goes beyond the absurd distinction of beauty vs ugliness, true vs false, good vs evil.

Tessa is the founder of the studio Fragmento Universo.