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about stefano & alejandra

Stefano & Alejandra, are a multi-disciplinary director duo with an eclectic style. They specialize in strong art direction and a touch of humor in the live action.

Stefano Caprile studied advertising in Madrid and an MFA in the Academy of Arts of San Francisco, while Alejandra Cano studied interior design in Madrid and a Master of interior design in the California College of Art in San Francisco.

After their studies, they moved to Hamburg, where Stefano worked as an art director in Lukas Lindemann Rosinski for clients like Subways, German Wings and Panasonic. Alejandra worked as set designer and fashion stylist assistant with Elke RĂ¼ss for brands like Manhattan Cosmetics, and magazines like Gala, Hint Magazine and Qvest.

They teamed up and started their career as directors duo for advertising and music videos. They like to work together and they complement each other superbly.

They have worked for brands like Vodafone, Mapfre, La Once Lottery, Schweppes, ING Bank, Shell, Mahou Beer, Sony Music, Rum Barcelo, American Express and Beefeater among others.

Now they keep growing up in advertising around the world and have a very strong personal style.