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about sirfred

SirFred's work resonates with his passion for authentic character performance
and his aesthetically understanding to give personality and emotion to his films.

He constantly strives to show a truth in his subjects and their
surroundings. Fred’s human, cinematic styled storytelling has recently been
recognised with a Cannes Lions nomination, allied to his reputation with the
spots for Queer Lisboa, International Queer Film Festival, awarded several
times in Film category at the New York Festivals and Epica as well Best
Directing Awards at CCP and M&P Festivals.

Fred’s visual style also has found a voice in the Turkish market, with recent
collaboration with brands like Arçelik.
He has created films for organizations and brands including AMCV, Ikea, Caixa,
WWF, Worten, Danone, EDP, Continente, Millennium Bank, Ferrero, Sagres
Beer and Vodafone

When he’s not shooting abroad we can find him in Lisbon.