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Cartello Directors, owner driven by Anna Mira D’ Ercole, is reputed to have one of the best little black books in the business. Anna, with her Italian aesthetic and knowledge of art, cinema and photography, combined with solid on set experience brings an inspired and personal slant. She ensures that the right director and dp is proposed for every project. Based between Cape Town and Milan, Cartello represents a select group of directors and cinematographers. Years of working globally has provided an advantage of an international work base, a multi-cultural understanding and broad knowledge of the industry. It has also allowed Anna and her production team to expand its map of allied directors and gain a comprehensive list of relevant international crew. Trust and experience is part of its cosmopolitan mind-set. Close relationships and an understanding of every director and dp represented is part of the company ethos so is working closely with the production company involved. At Cartello Directors, it is understood that different markets have different needs. So does every project. A client may wish Cartello to follow a job from briefing to pre-production or take a job all the way to post production.

This niche outfit will not only provide you with creative and passionate directors and cinematographers, but with production support and value for every chosen director.