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about lobster (Guillermo Madurga & Miguel Angulo)

Being part of the same generation of artists on the Spanish scene, Madurga and Miguel formed a strong friendship marked by sharing the same desire: to tell stories with a personal and unique style.

Having collaborated on numerous occasions and worked on major campaigns for clients such as Starbucks, P&G or Volkswagen, they decided to join forces as Lobster, a duo that combines the coolest language and the meticulous acting direction of Miguel with the detail for art direction and the solid storytelling of Madurga.

Madurga, a multidisciplinary director who understands the burgeoning new methods of communication, is also the founder of Splash!, a creative consultancy company specializing in XR technology.

They're fun, they're arty, they're stylish and like lobster, their work is f***ng tasty!