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about ed mcculloch

With an art director’s sense of visual style and a photographer’s eye for nuanced composition, Ed’s work includes films that mingle visual storytelling, natural performances and often lush locations and dramatic cinematography. 
Spots for brands like Lincoln Motor Company, Tim Horton’s, Nike, The History Channel and Panasonic all reflect his multifaceted career influences.

Ed started his career as an agency art director. Within a year, however, he left the agency to pursue advertising photography full time, becoming a sought after shooter of print and online campaigns for a range of brands and agencies before moving into film.
Ed explains, “particularly stories that inspire a change in behavior.
I do a lot of research into my subjects and inject my own life experience into the storytelling.
I also believe strongly in collaborating, and look for that in the crew I work with. Together we make things I could never create on my own, and that approach has always benefited my clients. That’s a big part of the beauty and magic of film.”