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about ciarán dooley

Ciarán is a Commercials Director from Dublin, Ireland; specialising in work that reveals the humanity at the heart of a story.

Ciarán announced himself on the TVC scene with a soul-lifting spec commercial for Samsung, “The Loneliest Boy”, which quickly went viral!

Ciarán’s work packs a punch, and his ability to craft nuanced performances with actors has allowed his spots to stand out and earn recognition.

His emotive commercial for homestore + more ‘The Date’, earned him a Kinsale Shark Award for directing craft, and his work in short film has earned him a Warner Bros. Creative Talent Scholarship and an Irish Film and Television Award nomination.

Ciarán has directed for international clients such as LIDL and Gillette, and his collaborative approach with agency creatives ensures a supportive and effective approach to production.